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Cooley Forest Products Mill Services

Sales to Dealers, Industrials and Manufacturers

Large Volume Chop, Rip, Resaw and Pattern Milling

We regularly manufacture large quantities of specialty products for our customers. We pay special attention to their specifications, which often are not the standard lumber grades available now in the industry. We deal with many Industrial accounts that require certain special grades, odd lengths, widths and thickness.

Some of the specialty products we manufacture are:

Furring strips 1x2, 2x2 - 4' & 8'

Frieze Boards (vented & plain)

Louver stock (eliptical & flat) in Pine, Basswood, & Poplar

MDF Hook strip

MDF Cleat strip

MDF Sills

MDF & Particle Board Square Edge Shelving

Full range of precut Pallet Stock 2x4, 2x6, 1x4, 1x6. All graded as per customer request. Notcher on site.

Stake Blanks

And many more products

We have equipment that can provide the following services:

Custom Chopping, ripping, resawing

Large state of the art Panel Saw for custom sheet goods cutting

Two Weinig Moulders that produce a variety of Standard Industry Patterns as well as some not so "Standard"


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