Cooley Forest Products

"The Mission"

It is the mission of Cooley Forest Products to act as a facility or medium to assist it's Employees, it's Owners, and it's Officers, in living a good and healthy life to the end that this company will perpetuate as a profitable entity for years to come. It is our desire to be a "player" in the cause of "Conserving Our Nation's Timber Resources". To allow, all involved, time and opportunity to build and lead productive lives as we serve at work, in our homes, in our communities and this nation. It is a part of our mission to recognize the need to look to the future and through our efforts here be able to give those of the next generation an education and opportunity to progress in this life, that they may have rewards equal to ours.

To accomplish our mission requires each of us act in a "Spirit of Ownership", to have a desire to succeed, to have vision, focus, diligence, self control, planning, teamwork, execution and the distinct recognition that the "Customer is First". We must operate this business with the stark realization of this truth----- If we don't take care of the Customer, then somebody else will!!!!

This mission requires an organized and well constructed ship with a sail, a rudder and a plan leading us through occasional uncharted waters in a clear direction towards our short term and long term objectives. It is our "commitment" to manage and work and grow this company in such a manner that the forgoing will be real, and that this year, and each year beyond it, will be profitable to this end.

Our Motto---

"Safety First"

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